Eraser creates strange system files? A virus?


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What are these? A virus in Eraser?




There were a lot of more of these. They appeared when I erased the recycle bin.

Eraser is creating these files into the directories that are being erased. I have seen this behavior when erasing normal directories (not recycle bin) as well.
I am assuming you are using an older version of eraser. Certain versions had a feature that over wrote the file on its last pass with a random dll from your computer. From the screen shot this is what looks like is happening. It is not a virus so nothing to worry about :)

Update your eraser to 5.86a and it will stop happening as the feature has been removed.
Actually I was using quite recent one, 5.86.1.

So I don't know, maybe it's that dll thing anyway?
That was done so as to ensure plausible deniability. But it seems to have backfired in v5 with people complaining of such. In v6 rest assured it is made optional. In the meantime you could just tell Comodo to remember that you want to allow it. If your computer is virus-free copying DLLs like that shouldn't be an issue.