Eraser creating temp files in ~ERAFSWD.TMP, filling up disk


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This morning my PC (running windows XP) started running real slow. I brought up the disk defragmenter and watched in horror as my free disk space was slowly being consumed. When it got down to only 4.5GB and fearing a crash I pulled the plug to turn it off. When I rebooted, I searched for files that had been created today, and found that Eraser was for some reason running (it was scheduled to do a free space erase starting at midnight and should have long ago been finished...) and was creating 412,800 KB files in c:\~ERAFSWD.TMP.

I have turned off the scheduling for doing a daily erase of free space for now. Any idea what I should look for? The erasing of cluster tips was enabled (now disabled after reading some of the forum entries...).

Hi Treebeard

Eraser was doing its job properly until you pulled the plug on it.

This is how Eraser works. It fills your free space with a temp file until it has completely overwritten all the free space and then it deletes it. Because you stopped Eraser from finishing its job you are now left with a huge temp file. Simply delete this temp file for now and then run Eraser again but this time allow it to finish !