Eraser Creating Viruses/Malware/Trojans


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i used the "unused Space on Drive" Method for my non System Partition to wipe about 500GB free Space on a completely empty partition (manually deleted files and formated it upfront) with pseudo random method 1 pass.

Eraser created its folder and started writing pseudorandom filenames and filled them with bits.

Somewhere in the end of the progress (When it came to the deletion of these files?) my AntiVir reported several infections in that folder:

about 20 more

These were all created by Eraser and didnt appear in the folder until the scanner found them. Previously random files were replaced by those.

My System was completely clean of any kind of malware and full system scans havent shown anything yet and suddenly eraser creates malware??.

Fortunately my AntiVirus Software was able to delete those files before Eraser was able to start them!?

i use the portable 5.8.8 version.

WHat happened there??

i read the faqs but no answers there.

GregM said:
Likely a false positive.
I entirely agree. Antivirus suppliers do not like to admit that the heuristic analysis they use is nowhere near 100% perfect, and, of course, they err on the side of false positives.