Eraser damaged IE 6.0


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I have run eraser 5.6 many times and never had a problem but when I ran it today, IE6 was damaged & I had to reinstall it. Most web sites would load with blank or mostly blank pages. Not sure but this may have been the first time I'd run eraser since upgrading XP to SP1.
All I can suggest is you download & install 5.7 - generally it works better with XP.

IE 6 damaged

I had the exact same problem with IE 6 using Eraser 5.7. I use Windows XP Pro.
So, to clarify the situation exactly what were you guys doing with Eraser to end up "damaging" IE6? Were you trying to erase the cache or related? Were you just generally using Eraser on other files and somehow it's bunked up IE? Or were you doing a free-space wipe and then suddenly IE stopped working the way it should?
I've had this problem. It is related to doing a freespace wipe w/ cluster tips enabled while simultaneously having applications opened. All I had to do to fix it was reboot the OS however, no reinstalls. Same problem, blank pages in IE 6, only on Win2k (NTFS).
ie doesn't render html after erase free space

I've had this problem exactly as stated using eraser 5.7 on xp pro sp1 running as a scheduled task - reproducable hence a bug?.

Google seaches are blank screens etc. apart from the header, but the html source view shows that everything is there, just not rendered by ie6.

A reboot restores normality, the only application running was emule, maybe this was the conflict. This implies that you can't really schedule eraser if you use other 'background' applications - a significant flaw I'd say.
I've seen the same thing, you have to reboot not just logoff. However, in the XP SP2 RC2 this problem is mostly fixed, you only see minor problems until you reboot. Could be a microsoft bug.