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I hear it deletes all even your personal stuff, well I haven't use it yet but say I use it on my C Drive will that rid me of all my favorite stuff like my photoshop on my desktop or my folders with all my stuff in them and my sub-folders?
Because I see the option to delete ALL folders, including sub-folders and so on.

What I'm asking is; do I need to worry about putting my C Drive through the shredder or the on-demand thing?

What will happen to my files?
Slow down, what exactly did you hear in conection to Eraser and what version and what was being performed and how was Eraser configured. Maybe you should take a gander at the Help file first, that might help straighten things out or at least give you a better idea of what you are dealing with.

ok. . . slowing down.
Alright lemme see, well I was looking for something to erase all the porn my dad saved on my cpu as I was gone also all of his porn findings lead to virus' and such, so I just simply typed in eraser in google and hit search, you guys came up. i installed it and ran it. it finished surprisingly quickly considering how much memory i've used anyway. and it's ate my memory and it has made to to as where my desktop icons have no names. some stuff still has names though. But my point is that is Eraser suppose to erase EVERYTHING period? As in all my personal files,
for example;I have a folder on my desktop[had] and now it's got a blank name and it's gotta be the folder b/c it's in the same spot. and it won't open.
And my original question in the first post was asking if I were to put my C drive in the 'Task' list thing and i hit run, would it erase all my person files like saved information and documents and games etc. . .
T,T pretty EGH now though ain't it?

By the way I dunno what version it is but i know for a fact it's the newest b/c i DLed it from the 'official site' and I read all the help and as many posts as i could find relating to my topic but the help isn't specific enough and the posts were also not efficient.
sry for the long complaint guys. . .:p
It is not a good idea to but c:\ in the on demand shredder. The best way to erase individual files and/or folder is to use the context menus, accessable by right-clicking.