Eraser Deployment Question (for Heidi Computers Workers)



I would have asked you this request in an email, but you didn't provide one on the site. If you would like to continue this conversation as an email, please feel free to email me at

I am from a freeware software provider called KKsolutions ( I am a teenager and have been developing an encryption program called ENDEP for a year or so. I would like to include support for a file shredder in my program, but I have a problem. The problem is that I have made ENDEP in managed code and I can't access to system level things. This means that I have no way of making a working shredder.

This is why I have come to you. I was wondering if I could use the DOS part of Eraser as a way of providing file shredding to my users. I know that Eraser is under the GNU license, but I am not going to edit your program (because I don't know the language). I would just like to verify with you so that I am not doing anything against the license.

I will be sure to add some cool pictures to ENDEP showing that it uses your shredder and provide a link to your website in order to get a full version.

Kyle Egbert
Forgot to add this...

Sorry, but I forgot about telling you this...

I know that in the GNL License, it would require me to release my source code. I totally support the GNL and love it's motives. The only thing wrong with that is that in my source code, there are certain keys that nobody should know. I don't want to have any room for a security risk and providing my souce code would better enable hackers to compromise my users' security. I want to keep ENDEP as secure as possible.
You can use the Eraserl.exe part of Eraser.

Good luck with your program.