eraser.dll Not Found


Hi I am new to this product and to this forum. I am trying to use this product as I was referred by Spybot S&D staff, as there 'secure delete' is NLA (Version 1.5).

When I try to install Eraser 5.84 on my Vista 64bit I get an error at the final step (Click Finish...with Start Eraser Now ticked). The error I get is Can not find eraser.dll . So thinking I had a bad download...or whatever...I uninstalled Eraser and regedit enteries out. Redownloaded Eraser and went to install...only this time I get another error as it is installing (I do not remember the error at this time)....I was rather frustrated and redid the download and it did the same error at install.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it Vista...being Vista..(as Carlos Mencia would put it 'DI DI DI.. )...or is Eraser not fully compatible with Vista 64?
Thanks in advance!
mmm tested on VISTA64 can you find eraser.dll in the system directory?

To test the validity of the install right click on it and see if te digital signature is valid.

HELP!---I still cannot use Eraser in Vista 64

Hi, I am still waiting a reply on how I can get Eraser 5.84 to work in my Vista 64bit. The program seems to install fine. But after install when it says "instalation complete (Run Eraser Now) ticked" I get this error message>>>
"Eraser.exe - Unable to locate component"
This application has failed to start because ERASER.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

I also get the error if I try to open Eraser from Start>programs.

Error message screen shot > ... ture-1.jpg