Eraser DLL problem under delphi




I use this lib in delphi and I have some problems. I do something like that:

// everything is OK

//everything is OK

// res is OK everything is OK

// res=-2 Context is wrong? but how when for example: res:=eraserStartSync(Context) returns OK?

and thats is shortly my problem this is unlogic for me in DLL C++ Code I can't see what's wrong I can't see differences between for example eraserSetWindow and eraserStartSync checking input parameters - so, how for the same context 2 functions give me or not give errors? I cannot use this lib in the fact because only StartSync runs OK (Start runs also OK but i cannot solve problem with interaction with lib i don;t know when eraser ends erasing). I would be very happy if Anybody can help me!! Thanks!!!
That is curious indeed. Did you ever discover a reason for the failure? I might be helpful to run the code in a debugger and see where exactly it fails inside the DLL.
You know, if you call eraserIsValidContext for a context and it returns ERASER_OK, there is no way the next call to eraserSetWindow for the same context could return ERASER_ERROR_PARAM1. Unless, of course, you are making the second call from another thread. BTW, you are using the stdcall calling convention when accessing the DLL, right?