Eraser does NOT work with Vista


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Error Message on running on Vista:

The procedure enytru point ?IsProcessEvaluated@@YA_NPAX@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library Eraser.dll.

I want my computer rid of all traces of this problem and access to a stable version of the software. If it doesn't work Heidi Computers needs to remove the claim that it does work with Vista from their website before it seriously damages someone's system. I need a reply from Heidi computers on my email address not through this board.

Eraser email form support useless as their captcha system is not working - enter the fifth word as instructed and the email does not send.

Who do I complain about about this?
Eraser DOES work with Vista

I installed on several of them.
What version did you try to install? Try to install it again but this time with administrative rights. Then, after the correct install, go to add/ remove programs and removeit, and install the new one.