Eraser doesn't erase, "Completed with warnings" Help?


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Hello everyone, I got a problem with Eraser

I want to delete all my files that I've previous deleted from my recycle bin because I'm selling my computer.
I first downloaded the most updated version of Eraser but I got "completed with errors"
then I downloaded this one, I did unused disk space and I got "completed with warnings" even though it took more hours.
just to check if it did work I have File Scavenger to recover the files, and my files still all there in good condition. :cry:

How can I succeed with this? any way to delete all my files? it's really important for me. :(
Thank you.
Are the files actually deleted before? Unused disk space erasures only remove the residue left behind by previously deleted files. If you want to erase files which are not yet deleted you need to explicitly erase those files.