Eraser doesn't wipe files with "square" character



I just finished wiping some files using Eraser for a client, who is Chinese. They were using an English verson of windows but had bilingual files on their system.

Now some of the files were named in another language which presented filenames with "square" characters in place of the (probably) Chinese characters. These files would persistently refuese to be wiped by Eraser on any configuration. If I renamed them to English characters they would wipe no problem.

Of course, renaming them all is a solution, but a VERY tedious one when there are hundreds of them spread throughout various directories.

Is it possible to either fix this as being a bug (ie. force Eraser to wipe all files even if it can't parse the name correctly) or make it so Eraser does a mass rename (forcibly as Windows sometimes prevents you) before erasing?

Basically I'd like to see Eraser able to wipe any file regardless of name, or attribute, when you tell it to, since you likely aren't using it unless you really want to kill the data stone dead.

Otherwise many thanks for an awesome program.
Is anyone able to answer my question? Has it been looked at in the code?