eraser error


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i have used eraser before and like it very much.

i just installed win7 pro and i also reinstaled eraser version 6.

it ran well the first time and i wanted to try some of the other deletion methods. so i switched it to the one that only delets the first 16/ last 16 kb.

after doing that it just wont work. I uninstalled and re installed. ran it in compatibility mode for xp and vista. still didint work.

the error msg i get is " the first/last 16kb erasure method requires another erasure method to erase the file. this must be set in the plugin settings dialog."
Go to the Settings panel, scroll down to the list of Plugins, right-click "Default Erasure methods and PRNGs", and specify the FL16KB erasure method there.
Never mind, I've replicated your bug. I'll add this bug to Trac.
Same Problem here. After starting the prog i can not go to the plugins page. Reparing/Reinstalling dont work.
You'll need to delete the Eraser 6 registry subkey under HKCU\Software. I'm going to fix this sometime this week.
Details about the workaround can be found here.
Fixed in r1483.