eraser fails to delete single file


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It looks like I have the same problem already posted here:

eraser fails to delete a single file example.txt - the "locked by another process" dialog pops up. This happens using the right-click context menu. It works fine running a new task in the program itself.

File size doesn't matter - this is true for zero-bytes-files and for example files of 5MB.

If it's 2 or more files of the same type (or mixed), or a directory, eraser always succeeds.

If it's on the desktop, eraser always succeeds.

So far, it looks like ...
- eraser fails for single files of type: txt, bat, dat, nfo, rar, mpg, htm, doc, ppt, reg, ...

- eraser succeeds for single files of type: exe, ini, com, zip, mp3, wav, wma, avi, wmv, jpg, gif, bmp, xls, ...

I tested it on a WinXP SP2 system, with McAfee VirusScan disabled, logged in as ADMIN. There's nothing like SPTD on my computer. I tested eraser versions 5.82, 5.84, and 5.85beta6.

There is no such problem running any of these versions on my old Win2k SP4 system.

Any idea ?!? :?
Does sound like my problem, while I noticed an improvement when I removed sptd it didn't clear the problem entirely. Its a weird problem its hard to think of a reason for the behaviour.

What you might try is looking for any drivers that might be doing something drm and security drivers seem the more obvious ones as they often break the rules, obviously be careful with what you do along those lines.

Out of interest what processor do you have, I noticed a difference in behaviour when my quad cores were all fully loaded.

I'm running XP x64 SP2 so if your not using x64 we can assume that it might effect any XP and perhaps Win 2003 server installations (x64 is based on server code)