Eraser File Deletion Problem


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Hi all;
I found Eraser couple a days ago and I like it very much. I downloaded its source code and I built it from its source code. I am going to use its dll file in my projects. I made couple of tries to use "eraserl.exe". However, it was not work as I imagined. I expect that:
Let say that I have a disk (external or internal does it matter?) and its label is "f:"
When I execute the command "eraserl -disk f:" I expect that it will erase all the files in that disk. But it did not delete any of them. What is the problem?

Note: I also expect that: when I execute command "eraserl -disk f: -method 'Gutmann'", it will delete all the files in disk with Gutmann method. None of the files are dll, read only or any of these types. They are all simple text and ppt files.
To fix your EraserL problem: -disk erases the free space of the drive, you're looking for -folder instead. Also, you are welcome to use the Eraser library but do bear in mind you have to release your source code under the GPL as well (this is part of the licensing requirements).