Eraser filled hard drive


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I ran Eraser using DoD 5220 overnight. More than 12 hours later the completion
bar stuck at around 99% done and I got constant running out of memory errors.
(I did not run any other programs.)

Eventually I closed Eraser using the Task menu.

My hard drive now reads 1.29GB free of 683 GB.

On re-starting eraser it said that it deleted my scheduled tasks
because of an interruption.

How do I get my hard drive space back?

Using Windows 7 Home Premium. 6GB RAM.

Secondarily, why does the product use up all the hard drive
space at once, slowing things to a crawl, rather than freeing
completed space and using that to speed the process? How
would it have ever completed, since it used up all the memory?

EDIT: I found a folder in the main directory thats labelled "Kp~NYx~djbQ+ux-=GL"
and is 567GB in size... Afraid to try deleting that without guidance.