Eraser flagged as malware by Google?


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I've used Eraser in the past, and I would like to install it on a new PC.

I went to download the installation package from the link on this website, and the download is flagged as malware by "Google Safe Browsing".

Does anyone know anything about this? Is this because of the reputation of downloads dot sourceforge dot net, or is it specific to Eraser? Needless to say, I'm not installing it until I can determine that it is safe and that the integrity hasn't been compromised.

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I uploaded nightly build to VirusTotal and get an all clear.

Strange -- Am denied posting links here. Had no denials in my many posts until now. Your loss.
Google seems to be flagging all downloads from sourceforge as malware.

If you want to check if the eraser download is the official version then you can check the digital signature by right clicking on the file.
try this beta version - do you get the same message?

I do not get a warning from the beta version, but then it's coming from a different server.

I still see the "malware" warning if I download the latest production version.
yes its the sourceforge site itself which is being blocked will probably have to move away from there
yes its the sourceforge site itself which is being blocked will probably have to move away from there

I don't think it's a blanket ban on Sourceforge. I just used Chrome to download the Windows Vim installer from the Cream project, and it worked fine. I don't have enough posts here to post URLs, but if you Google "vim cream sourceforge download" you should find the site I'm referring to.

With the exact same browser, I then I tried downloading Eraser again, and got the same malware warning. There apparently is an appeal process with Google Safe Browsing.

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I'll be uploading a new install to sourceforge in the next few days. It might be the current production version was flagged by someone incorrectly.