Eraser Forum Problems ?


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Hi :)

I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the Eraser Forum ?

There is a very good chance the problems I am experiencing are my fault (for various reasons) but just to confirm it could others please comment.

The search function is perhaps not as good as it could be.

I keep getting logged out.

The log me in cookie doesn’t seem to work.

Sometimes page loading is so slow I have to shut down my browser and reopen it.

Sometimes I cannot open any pages on the forum at all.

The Eraser Trac keeps disappearing.

As I said before this could all be because of my personal computer / situation etc but I would be interested to know if I am the only one.

Garrett migrated the server; I've helped him through the Trac stuff so if either doesn't work do let either him or myself know about it; I'll work to resolve it ASAP.

It's now on a 8core (oh goodness) 4GB ram machine. CAN'T lag now, I guess :D

Hi :)

Thank you for the replies.

After searching around I have found out that the cookie thing might be a Firefox issue. FF V3 seems so buggy, can’t backup bookmarks, home page not opening and for me at least the Eraser forum just hasn’t been the same.

Garrett migrated the server

Ahh, that will probably explain why I lost touch with Trac for a while !

It's now on a 8core (oh goodness) 4GB ram machine.

Eraser ROCKS !! :lol:
I believe Garrett shares this server with the rest of his work stuff, so, haha...

Funnily enough the forum crashed shortly after this tread was started. :lol:

All seems ok now ! :wink: