Eraser Free Space Wipe/System Crash - Problems with Drive


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I should first mention that the drive in question was working without problems up until this occurrence. I was performing a free space wipe on my storage drive, when it was interrupted by a power failure. After the power was restored, and a reboot, I was noticing incredibly slow and long installation times for anything installed onto the drive which i was wiping when the failure occurred. For example, I attempted to install a game (@ 2.5 gigs of data) which took almost an hour to complete - while at the same time, the system would sporadically freeze, which has never happened before. Sensing a corruption of my Vista install, I reformatted my OS drive and reinstalled Vista. I also ran a CHKDSK to see if there were any errors, there were none. The problem persists. After attempting to reinstall some other apps (notable Sacred 2 @ around 10gigs of data) it took over 5 HOURS to install. This is only occurring when attempting to install onto the drive that was interrupted during the wipe space. I also deleted the Eraser temp folder (which was around 40 gigs in size) and was found on a separate drive, and for some reason that seems to have alleviated some issues of system hangs while installing - I'm not entirely sure why.

Does anyone have any info on this type of behavior or any solutions - other than a full disc format of the drive in question?

Have you tried a defragment?