Eraser freezes computer at certain file each time


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Hello, I'm new at using Eraser. I just got Eraser 5.87-beta 1 and am using it on Windows 98SE.

The problem I'm having is that Eraser keeps completely freezing my computer whenever it gets to this file:

"C:\Program Files\Adaptec\Shared\ECDC Engine\ecdcmusic.mdb"

Froze computer three times at this file so far.

Any idea what to do about this?

I've shut down all running programs except the Microsoft ones. (I guess these are the operating system processes so I don't shut them down?) (I uses Sysinternals Process Explorer program to shut everything down except those that are Microsoft).

Then I right click on drive C and choose "Erase Unused Space" then at options I choose Gutmann, and I check all three boxes: Free Disk Space, Cluster Tip Area, and Directory Entries.

It gets though to about 6% done then freezes my computer solid so I have to shut it off at the computer and restart.

Note: Strange thing I notice is that when I go to copy this file to test erase it's copy, the file takes around 5 seconds to it hangs for a while before it copies...never had that happen before....and it's only 120KB file....and I have no idea what this file is or what it does.

Thanks for any ideas for me to try.

I deleted the above mentioned file (after first backing it up) and now Eraser went through all the way without getting stuck.

Hmmm...I wonder why that file would cause Eraser to hang and freeze the computer completely?

Thanks for any ideas about this.

Do you know what "ECDC engine" stands for by any chance? Some monitoring program? Some programs don't like others snooping with their files. This sounds like one of those instances where the program is just annoyed at Eraser erasingits cluster tips.

Thanks for the reply Joel.

I'm not sure what the ECDC Engine is..perhaps something to do with winamp cd driver or something...did quick google search.

Oh well...I back up the file, delete it off hard drive and Eraser goes through to end fine...then I put back the file where it was.

By the way...I'm still not exactly sure what cluster tips are really. So could anything important be stored on the cluster tip of this file? If so, maybe I could have Eraser write over the cluster tip of the file when I put the file on another computer, then put the file back onto the original computer where it came from? Just an idea. I really don't know much about these things.

Thanks for any other ideas about this.


I think it's time we start an FAQ board. I'll consult Garrett and will post there when it's set up.

Okay , thanks for your reply.

I look forward to the FAQ section. Nice idea.

Thank you,