Eraser Freezes when Cleaning Unused Disk Space


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I tried cleaning Unused Disk Space with eraser several times and it always freezes during "cluster tips" when it comes across a file c:/system volume information/tracking.log . The funny thing is, I can't find this file with my explorer, no matter what I do, but when I enter the location in the firefox adress bar, I get a folder containing a 20kb tracking.log When I try to open it, firefox crashes.

How can I work around this problem?


System Volume Information will be a hidden directory that you won't be able to browse into. I'm not sure how you get around this issue, but I'd suggest running [url]CCleaner[/url] on your system and it may remove this file for you as part of it's system cleaning. Once that's finished give eraser a try.

Also ensure you are using the latest version of eraser, either 5.86a (stable) 5.8.7beta4 (beta). I'd not recommend version 6.x yet.