Eraser froze, hard disk full now


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I was running Eraser with the 3pass DOD option overnight. This evening I checked it out and a window had popped up saying my drive was almost full and suggested I run disk cleanup. I closed it because I knew eraser was still running. Then my laptop froze and I did a hard reboot (last resort, I waited like 4 hours after it froze) and now my hard disk is 98.9% full and I don't know what to do to get my hard drive back to normal (it was only maybe 20% or 30% full before I ran eraser).

tl;dr: hard disk is full after laptop froze when eraser was running, what should I do?

EDIT: I'm running version 6.0.6

I just read the FAQ's I see other people have the same problem except that I don't have a task log from which I can find the folder taking up the space.
OP here, I think I got it. I found a large number of oddly/randomly named files usually about 200,000KB in size. I have deleted them and things have returned to normal. I apologize for posting prior to reading the FAQ's which were quite helpful. Thank you.
hpdv9000 said:
... FAQ's which were quite helpful ...
I'm glad. It's what they're there for :)