eraser full disk and stop


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Dear Joel.

i down load again the stable v6 my OS is window 7.

i sucssed to make eraser work and choose to eraser unuse HD, this work only when i choose not to select erase clusster tips (i do not know what it mean) , than the eraser was running and make the HD full after 3 hours the HD was full (out of 320G only 4MB left non use) in this point the computer can not work as there is no disk spce , and the eraser did not finish (it look like it was 85% finish) , but there was no progress , i left it to work for 2 hours more but there was no change , so i restart the computer and delete manualy the file that make the HD full , can you tell me what happen and how i can use eraser correct way ?

thank you very much

Kind regards
Just keep waiting - at the end of the unused space erasure it is clearing your MFT. Unless you don't see any disk activity, that's perfectly normal for it to take so long. I've fixed the progress bar from lagging this badly however.