"Eraser.grd" & "Eraser.sig"


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I have noticed on my machine that I have these two files on it.....

"Eraser.grd" & "Eraser.sig"

They are 1kb and 3kb in size....

Are they from your application or are they virus definitions from another application?

Where are the files located, please? And (a long shot, this) have you ever had Eraser 5 installed on your machine?

Your suggestion of virus definitions presumably arises because, like me, you have done a web search on the names and come up with this possibility. I do not believe that these files are part of the Eraser application; they are certainly not found in my install or user directories.

I've replied to the OP via email (he emailed me) and I've said the same thing - both are not from Eraser.

I do believe this is from Symantec Endpoint Protection, since they do have an Eraser driver as well (presumably to eradicate more stubborn malware infections -- though I don't really know for sure)