"eraser has stopped working" recreate


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as much as i saw this bug when i searched, i did not see the/a recreate method

i have found a way of consistently recreating the "eraser has stopped working" bug in under windows 7 ult 64 bit

under scheduler
select recurring
set as monthly change day to a few days in the future(i set 14th)
if done correctly it will display todays day(now being 12th) but next month (its displaying 12 may 2010)
edit** may need to edit the schedule by a day to recreate

i hope that makes sense:roll:

a work around is to go to your appdata folder
C:\Users\--USERNAME HERE--\AppData\Local\Eraser 6
delete the contents of this folder "task list" and restart the program

hope this is useful.
Please detail the reproduce steps in Trac as a bug. It will be highly unlikely that this bug will be fixed in 6.0.7 though (a test binary already has been signed and distributed for testing.)
bug is listed as closed/fixed afraid to say. i cant see a way for me to post an update or a new ticket(unless im being blind :lol: )
seems its not too common a bug.

task list.ersx attached as txt in the mean time


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That's a different problem.

To post a bug in Trac you need a user account. What I really need are steps to reproduce the error, i.e. what I need to do so that I can get Eraser to crash. Only that will allow me to fix the problem.