Eraser has stopped working (Win7)


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According to the announcement on the Heidi website, Eraser version 6 supports Windows 7 'out of the box'. However, after I installed it I receive a message telling me that Eraser has stopped working. Tried restarting but it made no difference. I'm running Windows 7 Pro. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Wait until the new "stable" version is out which Joel says will be later this month. I would use 5.8 for now as It works fine on windows 7. Joel has a special definition for what "stable" means.
rarebear, I followed your advice and uninstalled v6 and replaced it v5.8.8. Problem now sorted. Many thanks.
rarebear said:
Joel has a special definition for what "stable" means.
I think he did it to tease us.:) At least it got a user response, which I know is what he was looking for. As I said to him, rather like cutting your finger, then dipping it in the water to see if the sharks will come ...