Eraser has stopped working!!!


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I have, up to now, been using Eraser until one day eraser stopped executing tasks. i then decided to uninstall and stick to the stable build and now after MULTIPLE install attempts of Eraser will not open, i click the application and i get the Win7 "Eraser has stopped working..." window.

(i have also tried the same results)

I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you,

[[BTW, i was just curious what language is Eraser code is written in?]]
Eraser is written in C#. As it is open source, you can download the source code.

The commonest cause of Eraser not working is a corrupt task list Delete the Task List file (details in the FAQ), and Eraser will usually open again. Sometimes, however, the 'stopped working' problem can be a bit intractable. Then, the only fix that works for me is a full uninstall, including deletion of the task list and any other Eraser data, running a registry cleaner to remove Eraser related entries, and then, in the registry editor, actually finding and deleting all registry entries and values related to Eraser.

For this last step, you do need to know what you are doing and have some idea of the significance of what you are deleting, so I recommend that action only to experienced Windows maintainers. But a reinstall usually then works.


Only after erasing the Task file, Reg. entries, and using the registry cleaner was i able to reinstall the program succesfully!

Thanks for your help.

Sorry you drew the short straw ...