eraser help plz


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hi i am trying to remove sensitve data from laptop so i have installed eraser, once installed i right click eraser icon and i have 2 options erase or erase on restart, i click erase and a minute later it says task executed, eraser has completed with errors, and how do i know if all my data has been erased,Also i want to erase all files in the recyle bin, as i use to do a lot of internet banking, i typed up all my bank details on a word document and after a while just deleted it, wud eraser get rid of these and my old video files which i hav deleted as well as pictures, plz help thanks.

My laptop spec is windows xp, service pack 2, 1.80 ghz celeron, 240 ram20 gb hardrive
Your best course is to click the link to the FAQ in my signature, and to read the post on getting to know Eraser 6. I hope that will answer your questions.