Eraser Help text file


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While I'm playing with this... I couldn't find this on the boards, so I'm providing it here. Sorry for the arbitrary tab structure.

When I type Eraser Help (Windows command line), you get a pop-up window, but I couldn't figure out how to save that text to a file or anything. Screen-cap+OCR+a little editing gets me...

(c) 2008 The Eraser Project
Eraser is Open-Source Software: see for details.

usage: Eraser <action> <arguments>
here action is
	help 			Show this help message.
	addtask 		Adds tasks to the current task list.
	querymethods 	Lists all registered Erasure methods.

global parameters:
	--quiet, -q		Do not create a Console window to display progress,

parameters for help:
	eraser help

	no parameters to set.

parameters for addtask:
	eraser addtask [--method=<methodGUID>] [--schedule=(nowimanuallylrestart)] (--recycled I --unused=<volume> I --dir=<directory I --file=<file>)[...]

	--method, -m			The Erasure method to use.

	--schedule, -s			The schedule the task will follow. The value must be one of:
		now						The task will be queued for immediate execution.
		manually				The task will be created but not queued for execution
		restart 				The task will be queued for execution when the computer is next restarted.
			This parameter defaults to now.
	--recycled, -r 			Erases files and folders in the recycle bin

	--unused, -u 			Erases unused space in the volume.
		optional arguments:
			clusterTips If specified, the drive's files will have their cluster tips erased.

	--dir, --directory, -d Erases files and folders in the directory
		optional arguments:
			excludeMask		A wildcard expression for files and folders to exclude.
			includeMask		A wildcard expression for files and folders to include.
				The include mask is applied before the exclude mask.
			delete			Deletes the folder at the end of the erasure if specified.
	--file, -f				Erases the specified file

parameters for querymethods:
	eraser querymethods

	no parameters to set.
All arguments are case sensitive.
The command line for 6.0 is really very hard to use, so use it sparingly. It was not really meant for use by users, so the command line interface may change with time.

I've got a ticket up at Trac to come up with a better CLI.
In the popup window, right-click on the icon in the upper left, and select "Select All". Then right-click on the same icon again and select "Copy". Now open up your preferred Windows text editor and paste there. Save and enjoy.