Eraser in other languages ?


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How does one contribute to a new language version of Eraser ?

I was a bit puzzled when I started looking for information on how to translate Eraser as it seems many posts in these forums from people asking about translations or volunteering for them have gone unanswered:

Thank you for any information on this, I will also try to contact the maintainer (according to README file), Garrett Trant about this.


We get many requests for this however we cannot then support the translated versions.

Are you a developer?

Translating Erase

Correct, I am a developer and in touch with other people that want to localizae/translate docs (and the software itself) for a number of tools including Eraser.

What would be the best way to do this ? Why do you say this can't be supported ? I'd be interested in knowing what can be done to further solve this problem.

Many thanks!