Eraser in this age of Cryptolocker


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This is like the 4th time I have found my hard drive filled up with files of the same size with random names after running Eraser and telling it to erase the free space on a 750Gb drive.

Without any indication that these files were created by Eraser (say a file name of "created by Eraser" followed by a random string) I always erase the folder (again no indication that the folder was created by Eraser), boot the system and run three or four antivirus programs to be sure.

In this day and age of Cryptolocker and other Ransomware having a random folder name that does not say who created it, containing random file names that do not say who created them sends shivers up my back as a system administrator. FYI this is an I7 quad core w/32Gb RAM and two hard drives, one SSD 240Gb and one regular drive 750Gb.

Any ideas on how to differentiate Eraser created files from those created by Ransomware?