Eraser Installation Problems - Possible Generic Solution

Dragan Glas

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I've been a long-time user of Eraser, but ran into a problem with the newer versions - those with the system tray icon like a nuclear radiation symbol, rather than the older one which looked like a document. Having made several attempts to install the new version of Eraser, I eventually succeeded in doing so using the following simple solution.

I use Online Armor on my laptop as my firewall which incorporates HIPS features, as do many firewalls, which add extra security against running processes. These usually appear as pop-up warnings presenting the user with various options from which to choose.

Regardless of whether I chose "Remember once", "Remember for any process", "Install Mode" or "Trust this program", the installer hung after extracting the files - nothing actually appeared or happened.

If - like me - you have a failed install, you'll need to remove the dross.

1) In Windows Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL),
2) under the "Process" tab,
3) find the file associated with the installer
4) right-click on it and choose "End Process Tree"

Now, you're ready to do a clean install:

1) Disconnect from the internet
2) Shut down your firewall
3) Run the installer
4) When it's finished installing, run the program and setup whatever tasks you wish or just run some manual ones
5) Re-enable your firewall and only then reconnect to the internet.

It's possible that firewalls are offering the "Install mode" option slightly late - with the result that the installer has already run into a problem.

I found that I had no problems with the installation - nor, indeed, with running the program - once I'd followed the above steps. I ran a erasure of the Recycle Bin without any errors and am currently running a erasure of unused space on my C: drive (90% completed).

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Thank you very much for your solution. I will move this to the FAQs.
Greetings Joel,

You're welcome! :D

I'd been looking for solutions through Google on various forums and found people with much the same issue as myself, or some variant of it, before resolving it.

By the way, the "Unused space" task has completed successfully - of course, as usual, I had to delete the random-character-named folder in the root directory of the drive.

I normally run this task once a month or quarter before defragging the drive(s) and then re-running it afterwards, for added security.

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I have also included a link to your useful post in the 'sticky' FAQ topic on common Eraser problems. My experience is that a single failed install can prevent subsequent successful installation, so your advice will be very helpful.