Eraser into BATCH file


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trying to insert eraser into batch file.

eraser.exe addtask -m=92681583-f484-415f-a66c-cc210222edc5 -s=now -u=C:
defrag C: /f

Result is stupid: Popup console window with prompt to push "Enter", then start eraser GUI, which my task in task list are presented and runnig. If push "Enter", quickly start next command in batch file - defrag and both command works together in the same time! FULL STUPID! If do not "Enter" in the prompt console window - eraser run tasks and do not return flag of end operation. Next command in batch file will never be run. FULL STUPID AGAIN.

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would appreciate if you were more neutral in your tone.

Try --quiet.