ERASER is destined to be a Classic


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:lol: Just want to give some open exposure to the Developers of ERASER! I being very skeptical at first have had all my suspicions laid to rest with this Spectacular Product! Am very heavy with working with Graphics & if not for ERASER, would have a Hard Drive cluttered with dispossessed images. I have personally put ERASER to the test in a very demanding way and it comes out head & shoulders above & beyond all others. I can confidently turn to this application for simple deleting chores and complete HD wipe ups at will. Thanks for taking the time and effort to design, test, and finally release a FREEWARE worth more than its weight in Gold. Absolutely no stability problems with SE98 after months of daily usage. I can only imagine those with XP have issues because of their particular Operating System which is known to possess certain issues already. Thanks. **==
Thank you very much for your kind words. It's a great feeling to have so many dedicated and satisfied users out there and your posting is evidence of this.

Long may you enjoy Eraser.

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