Eraser is not a valid Win32 application


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I am trying to install Eraser on an XP x64 machine. When I try to run the installer I downloaded, I get a dialog that reads "[path]\Eraser is not a valid Win32 application."

I did a search for "xp x64" but all of the topics that came up relate to other operating systems. Here is the info about the machine:

Microsoft Windows XP
Professional x64 Edition
Version 2003
Service Pack 2

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
e8400 @ 3.00 GHz
3.01 GHz, 8.00 GB of RAM

From my point of view, the installer is a 32 bit version. Either, you can look for a 64bit version for an installer, if it exists, or you can only install this on a32 bit Windows.
That isn't exactly true. In this case I believe your download is just corrupt.
As far as I am aware of, the Eraser installer since (2013-04-23) shows "This is not a valid W32 application" and fails to be invoked on Windows XP SP3 (32bit). This continues till the recent (2013-05-11).

These installers, however, all work well on Windows 7 SP1 (32bit), so they do not look like "corrupt downloads".

Installers until (2013-03-29) were doing well with the above same Windows XP. Any compile option changes, or...?

BTW, this forum seems not work on Firefox, e.g, 20.0.1: this "POST A REPLY" is never reachable after login and the session always returns back and gets logged off.

Ah, yes. New compiler. The 6.2 binaries are compiled with VS2012, which do not run on Windows XP.

The forum post thing -- I thought I fixed it a while ago. Try clearing cookies first, because there was a misconfiguration a while back.
So you don't like XP people to use Eraser any more?(^_^) :)

The forum gets friendly back with Firefox people again anyway.(^^) Thanks for this.
Sadly, that's Microsoft decision. Garrett decided to upgrade the version of VS we're using, so naturally we're limited by that.

Even the expiration of their official support of Windows XP is in 11 months, ought to be questioning on and/or actually raise questions directly to him how he can do like that.

Wonder how much MS-based software developers and users will be suffering more from such technological inconsistencies.
I'd imagine quite a large proportion. This can't be unique to Eraser.

There's a patch for VS2012 to compile for Windows XP, but that is inconsistent to say the least, because it will still default to produce XP-incompatible binaries. And you only need one library to not work on XP for the whole program to fail on XP
If it is something like renaming the library, changing a bit system setting, editing slightly registry, or so on that is able to do as a pure user to disable that library, would give it a try supposing it does not take too much your time to instruct it.
It's not, it's determined at build time. Rather sticky, in my opinion. Anyway we're only using VS2012 for Eraser 6.2. Eraser 6.0 will still be compiled with VS2008.
Got it.

More precisely, even for nightly builds, at least installers until (2013-03-29) were doing well with Windows XP.
I found the same thing trying to install a nightly build.
Not like you need someone else saying that, but just to point out that WinXP is likely to have a long lifespan even after MS tries to kill it.

Btw, there is an inconsistency in the Nightly Build naming.
All the available ones are listed under Eraser 6.2.
Eraser downloads as
Eraser downloads as
Eraser downloads as
Yup, I only fixed the naming in the latest build. The old names will be cleared as new builds appear.
So much for updating to Eraser then. At least I was able to update to Eraser before Microsoft ordered the computing-system industry to avoid helping those, like myself, who are sticking with Microsoft XP Professional. Corporate greed is a powerful vice!

Problem is to keep up with the latest Microsoft versions we are stuck in the same upgrade cycle.

I'm going to look into XP at a later date as its a big job keeping so many versions working.
I was just about to post about this subject im reading about. So is there a way to run erasor on windows xp. I get that message of 'not a valid win32 app or something. I tried to understand all what was posted in this subject forum but Im still learning lol.