Eraser is not erasing everything.


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I have a trial version of a program (Sony Vegas Pro 9.0) that I am trying to delete EVERYTHING about but Eraser isn't allowing it. I know it's more than likely my own fault but I am new to this program and I am only good with computers when it comes to the internet and stuff like that. In Sony Vegas Pro when registering you have to submit information (name, address, etc). In Eraser I chose the directory to delete C:\Program Files\Sony (so I chose the entire directory) but when I deleted it and tried to re-install Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 the registration information was still there that I had previously entered when registering the first time so I know traces of this program is still left on my computer! Any help please?
Without knowing more, I cannot be quite certain what your problem is. First check that the folder you erased is indeed gone (as it should be). You may need to enable the viewing of hidden files and folders in Control Panel|Folder options to do this.

If the folder is indeed gone, the information you are seeing probably resides in the Registry, which is a set of system files that Eraser cannot (and should not) touch on a running machine. You will need to delete or erase anything that is left of your new or failed installation; if the new installation completed, it is best to run the uninstaller. Then run a registry cleaner to identify and delete the remaining Registry entries. There are several good free cleaners. Quite a lot of people use CCleaner (download here); I myself use the Tweaknow Power Pack.

Hope this helps.