Eraser - launch at boot time as service?

I am using Window7-64bit, Eraser I like the concept of this product, but am struggling with the implementation.

It appears that Eraser is launched when I login, not when I boot... is this correct? Can I get it to launch at boot time?

I have read that Eraser runs as a "Service" but I do not see it registered as a service, such that I can start it or stop it using Services.exe... is it a Service? or just a program running in the background?

People seem to really like the scheduler, but I have been unable to have scheduled jobs run if a user is not logged in... so, what is so great about a scheduler that doesn't schedule tasks reliably? If a user logs out in while Eraser is running a task... the task stops... is this correct?

And why wouldn't we just use the scheduler already built into Windows? We suddenly need more schedulers? I don't get it.

Can I get Eraser to launch at boot time, run as a service, and then run it's scheduled tasks at the proper time, whether a user is logged in or not? Is this possible?

I tried to get it working with NSSM, and it seems like I can start/stop, but fail to be able to get it to perform any tasks.

Can someone help? Thanks in advance...
When you login eraser is launched.
You can optionally create your own erase tasks by using the command line and the windows scheduler.

Why do you want to use the background scheduler? If its just a directory you need erasing on a regular basis then creating a windows scheduler job is probably what you need.

By running eraser as a service you need to give it elevated privilages and these days that could open you to malware hijacking the eraser service