Eraser Launcher Found No Index.dat Files to Erase


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Hello. I followed the administrator's following advice from another thread:

"Index.dat can only be erased on Reboot.
Create a new task and schedule it for Reboot.

You must create a new task for this as follows:
1. Click on the Scheduler Icon on the left.
2. Click on File -> New Task
3. Tick the 'File' radio button and enter index.dat
4. Select the 'Scheduler' tab and select 'Reboot' (last option) from the 'Every' drop down field list"

After following these steps, I rebooted, then got the following prompt:

"Eraser Launcher
File not found. Nothing to erase. (index.dat)"

QUESTION: Is this message correct? Were there really no index.dat files to erase? I have used both Microsoft Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers in the last few days, including just before the reboot. A search of my files does reveal at least 6 index.dat files for cookies, offline cache, history, and temporary internet files. What is going on?
I am wondering why my file search reveals several index.dat files (one of which gets modified every time I log in) and, yet, Eraser Launcher for the Scheduler keeps telling me "File not found. Nothing to erase. (index.dat)" whenever I reboot.

Has anybody else been having the same problem, or am I doing something wrong in the Scheduler? HELP! :cry:
You must tell Eraser the full path to the file you wish to erase instead of just typing in "index.dat".
I tried typing the full path names of all the dat files I found into the Scheduler (one dat file per task line), but I kept getting the same message after reboot: "Eraser Launcher. File not found. Nothing to erase. (<full path of dat file name here>)." This Eraser Launcher message was repeated for every single dat file I entered in the Scheduler.

Sami, does Eraser Scheduler erase your dat files with no problem on reboot? If it does, then the problem is not with Eraser, but with me.


Kythe, thanks for the scripts. I appreciate your contributions in this forum. Unfortunately, I have XP Home. Darn.


I'll keep trying to make Eraser Scheduler erase my dat files. Meanwhile, I found an alternative program for that task called INDEX.DAT SUITE. I downloaded it from: ... x.datsuite

As the note in the bottom of the download page states, "For those running Windows NT or above (including 2000, XP, 2003), we strongly recommend using either the No Install or Basic package." This is so because if you have the systems above, the VB6 files are already installed. Install both Index.dat Suite and Index.dat Suite (AUTOMATIC) when prompted at the end of the installation; the latter makes it very convenient to erase dat files--all it takes is 2 fast clicks from the desk top and the files will be erased on reboot; to enable this, however, you must save the appropriate settings in "Settings" in the regular Index.dat Suite interface.
EraserArm said:
Kythe, thanks for the scripts. I appreciate your contributions in this forum. Unfortunately, I have XP Home. Darn.

Shutdown and logoff scripts can also be run in XP Home, using the Registry Editor. I'll detail how in my other thread shortly.
For those of you who installed Index.dat Suite mentioned above, this will be of interest to you if you now use or plan to use either MCAFEE or PESTPATROL. A McAfee scan up until the most recent update of Index.dat Suite (version 2.8.8 Beta R2) generated the FALSE positive detection of a script trojan (bat/qd313) when generating &/or scanning batch files. A PestPatrol scan can still generate a FALSE positive detection of the "Actual Spy" keylogger when scanning the Index.dat Suite uninstall file (because both the Index.dat Suite uninstall file & this keylogger share the same installer).

See more on this from the following:

If you have recently updated Index.dat Suite you should have no more problems with also using the McAfee scanner.

If you use PestPatrol, a temporary solution is quoted below:

Jorge R. Hernandez has written to provide a temporary work-around for this issue, until such time as Computer Associates resolve the false positive.

"The workaround is to Exclude the file by adding C:\Program Files\Index.dat Suite\unins000.exe to the Options panel, What to Exclude tab (attached screen capture). As you can see, yours is not the only program and/or file that I had to exclude. Never heard anything back from PestPatrol, after making them aware, when I found False Positives in ActivePDF and Pixie. That's why I will not be renewing their product once my license expires.

Jorge R. Hernandez"