Eraser leaves deleted temp file records?



I erased free space from my NTFS drive using Eraser 5.7 and then executed Directory Snoop

Directory Snoop shows that there is deleted folders/files like
ZGTT5ZYV.M850 and also timestamps that shows erasing date/time. I assume that these are related to erasing process.

Is it possible to wipe so that it doesn't leave these traces to file table?

EnCase brings up the same thing, but this happens when I use any Erasing tool, even Evidence Eliminator, CyberScrub and Eraser.

The file sizes bring up '0kb', so I wouldn't really worry. But it does suck knowing that people can still find out that you have deleted files.
is very interesting observations...
perhaps hard drive + bench grinder = no traces!

use a freespace wipe of 5 + writes with random data and then 1 write of 0s.