Eraser logfile


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Dear Eraser Team,
I love eraser and I'm using it regularly.

A great feature would be, to have a log file to proof that a file has been deleted. I need for compliance reasons to proof that I have deleted a file or folder from my computer using the appropriate method (e.g. Gutmann (35 passes)).

I do understand that the purpose of eraser is to wipe out traces of files and so there should be as well no log file showing that the files has been deleted. But in my case it is different, I have to proof that I deleted a file. Maybe this request could be enabled as an additional setting.

maybe this log file already exists, at least I could not find it

best regards

A Trac ticket has been created for this earlier (you are not the first one to request for such a log file) but I'm afraid it would only be implemented later in the release series (most likely in 6.2)