Eraser may have messed up a dll.

Paul Lepkowski

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I am running Windows XP Home on a dell. The latest windows updates have been applied. I installed eraser then told it to erase unused space on my c drive. Now various display windows don't have text in them.

When I select Help/About from the main eraser screen the about box which pops up has no text at all.

Other affected windows are the ones that pop up after you select Remove/Repair from the Add or Remove Programs windows routine, and the similar windows that pop up when you attempt to install a program like the Total Commander. The Eraser installation wizard is not affected. The affected windows have all their buttons and the buttons are active but they are blank, that is the text does not appear in them.

Another window which has no text in it is the window that pops up when the CA EZ Firewall pops up any window.

I even found one email message from my bank which would not display any text in Outlook.

Do you have any idea which windows dlls have been erased to cause this behavior.

Paul Lepkowski
Wappingers Falls, NY
Re: Rebooting fixed it!

Paul Lepkowski said:
Rebooting fixed the problem.

Another windoze bug, how about that.

I have a feeling it may not be a bug, but a form of computer self-defence on the part of Windows! If programs other than Eraser produce the same outcome, I have a feeling that touching the cluster tips of font files must somehow cause Windows to disable something that a reboot would then solve. Quite what, and why, I don't know though... other than Font Files themselves must not be treated as system files by Windows (system files are locked by Windows and the cluster tips on those files can't be touched and therefore wiped)
Windows self defense

Could be. But why would windoze be worried about erasing the unused portion of the last cluster of a font file? Sounds like over protective stuff to me.