Eraser mod. files on c when erase unused space d


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So I've just recently started tinkering with eraser, and one thing that I don't grasp entirely is eraser.exe trying to modify files on an entire different HD than originally set to erase, when using the "unused space" function.

In my example it attemps to modify C: files when i set it to do it's thing on D: - now these partitions are completely seperated without the exception of the OS ofcourse.

This is reported by Comodo, and i trust it's findings based on that it i've tried setting it not to monitor any "protected" files on drive d: and I guess I could have understood it if it was regarding previous deletions that were cached or otherwise logged on C: - furthermore, since comodo protects the files all progress Erazer is doing is halted untill confirmation.

But here's the thing, it does more than that. This is a fresh HD with a fresh install, drive C, that is. And it even attempts to modify a protected file on drive C that was just recently downloaded and not sent for the recycle bin or other deletion.

This happens during "Cluster Tips", and I have not let it run long enough for other phases, if any, awaiting clarification.

I would like to know what and why this is happening?