Eraser Needs Your Help !


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Eraser is a free and open source privacy tool for windows.

Erasers purpose is to help honest law abiding people maintain their privacy and to prevent data theft by securely overwriting a users private data on request. The developers insist that everyone should have free access to good security regardless of their ability to pay, so Eraser is totally free and open source.

However Eraser is not free to develop. Firstly there are many people who have given many hours of their time in order to write, document and support Eraser over the years.

There are also the server costs to take into consideration, to run the forum and website for example.

So if you use Eraser and want to support it what can you do ?

If you are unable to supply code, bug fix or help out on the forums then please consider donating some money to further Erasers cause. This money will go towards running costs and is not used for profit.

If you are a talented coder then please consider contributing code. Please have a look through the source code of Eraser and see if you are able to code to the high standard in which Eraser is written. If so please contact me before going any further.

Bug Report:
If you happen to find a bug in Eraser or better still please go actively looking for them, please report it as soon as possible on the Eraser Trac. Remember to be as descriptive as possible of the fault and tell us exactly what operating system you are using and how to replicate the bug.

Anything Else ?
If you are able to help the Eraser project in a way I have not mentioned here please contact me and let me know what you have in mind. All help however small is always gratefully received.

I understand many people will skip through this post and assume none of this applies to them. I have done it myself on other free software sites until I realised the work and effort that goes into free software. However I ask you to consider this, imagine one day not enjoying the security that Eraser gives you, I personally couldn’t imagine ever feeling secure about my deleted data again without Eraser. If Eraser doesn’t get help from its user base it will die and along with it so will your security. So please do whatever you can to give a little something back to Eraser.

Whatever you choose, please just do something to help the Eraser project.

Thank you.

I wonder if it is the right place to post regarding Eraser Translation under "Eraser Needs Your Help!" topic.

My name is Russell Kyaw. one of the localization team members in Burmese (Myanmar) and a coordinator of Gnome Myanmar translation team ( and we do translation/localization for several software tools into our own language.

Currently, I am working with TTCT [] on [] which is Burmese versions. As another step to simplify the use of the software to the users in Myanmar, I would like start the software localization on Eraser, especially intended for those who are not familiar in English.

Therefore, I would be very much appreciated if you could guide me how I could start localization on the software. If you can provide me the PO files, it would also be very helpful.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Hi Russell, not sure I am am following. What localization are you referring to?
Thanks for your info . the simple delete can not make the data completely disappeared from phone . maybe you can easy get them back with some recovery tool
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Most Data erase tool can delete some data or files from phone ,
User can directly delete useless files from phone easily, the key is the erased files can not be recovered forever, so , user need to backup some important files
Hi there, i have contacted Overwriter as first, but i had no reply. So i contacted the eraser team via contact-formular on the webpage - still no contact. Is there any activity? I wanted to help - to translate eraser into german...

Best regards, anton