Eraser Nightly Builds available!


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I'm sure some of you beta testers will like to use the latest versions of Eraser which are fresh out of SVN either for feature testing or for bug fixes. You now can, at If you so choose to use the nightly builds, please join the Beta Testers group and post bugs/problems in the Beta testers forum (unless they are general support questions, which go to the general support forum.)

Eraser uses .NET Framework? I don't use Internet Explorer; instead I use SeaMonkey, a Mozilla-based browser. I have been refusing all .NET Framework updates, especially since .NET Framework seems to have so many security vulnerabilities that require patching. Rather than dealing with ongoing vulnerabilities, I just ignore .NET Framework and decline to use any applications that I know require it.

I have heard that even Microsoft is planning on doing away with .NET Framework, possibly because of the cost of constantly having to repair it. Can Eraser not be upgraded not to use .NET Framework?
Eraser 5.x used MFC framework and was pure C++ . We migrated to .Net to keep up with UI changes in windows.
At this point any change would involve major effort, its better to concentrate on bug fixing the current .Net version.