Eraser not deleting all files and directories.


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I have used previous versions of Eraser without experiencing the following problem.

when I use Eraser to remove files within directories, and directories within directories (tree structure), only some of the files and directories are removed. Eventually, after repeating this operation several times, all files and directories are deleted.

The problem does not happen all the time, but I am unable to see any pattern. Is any one able to tell me what is wrong, or more probably to the point, what am I doing wrong?

Eraser Version: 5.8.7.
Windows Version: Windows Xp professional.

Can you share the kinds of files you are erasing and what wildcard patterns you are using?

In each case the tree structure was deleted by selecting Eraser from the the context menu that becomes available following a right click of the mouse from within "Windows Explorer". No wildcard patterns were overtly used to delete selected files from within the tree structure, the intention was to delete all files. I would point out that Eraser always succeeded in other cases where a single file was selected.

I cannot remember all the different files that were erased, but from memory here are some of the file extensions: doc, docx, dat, exe, html, js, jpg, pdf, txt, xml, zip. To the best of my knowledge non of the files were been used by any other program. I say this because they where files and directories that I had created myself or backed up manually on previous occasions. Also using Eraser three or four times on the tree structure in quick succession would always see all the files and directories erased.
Hmm, after using the context menu erase did you see the erasure report dialog? What are the errors reported on the files that didn't erase?