Eraser not freeing up space.


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I have the following issue: I've been using Eraser for a couple weeks now and have gradually realized that the program isn't freeing disk space when wiping files. I usually wipe the files from my Recycle Bin using the context menu, if that helps as information (and have used a disk analyzer on the bin to make sure no residual data was left in it).

I have easily wiped 20-30 GBs of data over the past two weeks and the free disk space on my drive has remained invariable (even slightly decreased) despite my not having added any new files.

Can someone explain?
This is exactly the same query as in the previous thread, and the answer is the same; please read the FAQ, and you will find information on recovering your space, which is easy to do.

I did read the FAQ before posting. a) There is no randomly named folder in my root directory. b) The FAQ thread refers to problems after erasing free disk space. My problem resulted of normally erasing files.
Sorry for my misunderstanding. The next issue to consider is whether your file system is behaving itself. I suggest that you run a disk check. The other thing you can do is to use a file recovery program such as Recuva to check that the files have indeed been erased.