Eraser not returning disk space after logoff


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When clearing unused disc space, Eraser sets the space as used
then returns it all when completed or cancelled. We accidently
logged the active user off while Eraser was running the Clear Unused
Space task. When the user logged back on Eraser did not return
the space marked as used (in hard drive properties). We have
lost half of the hard drive space. Can you provide any help?
GregM said:
There will be a large, strange file in the root directory the size of the amount of space you lost. Delete it.
If you can't find it install and run TreeSize Free or WinDirStat.
Look for a folder rather than a file. The name of the folder will be random nonsense, with letters numbers and punctuation all jumbled together. The date on the folder (and the similarly named files it contains) will correspond with the time you were doing the free space erase. It shouldn't be necessary to install additional software to find this folder.

The issue is discussed in more detail in the FAQ; use the link in my signature.