Eraser Not Working On Specific Profile


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The user is on a Win7 Pro x64 system and was using with no issues. Then it had stopped working for her so she put in a ticket. I updated her to the version and I tested with an admin account and it worked fine.

I then had her test and she was still unable to delete files with Eraser. I then switched to my non-admin account and was able to use Eraser with no issues. I went to users>(username)>apps>local> and copied eraser folder to temp location and deleted the original eraser folder.

Attempted to delete a file under her profile again but it did not delete the file. Eraser did recreate the log fold and task file in the users>(username)>apps>local>eraser.

When she attempts to delete there are no pop-ups, messages or indication that anything was done. When you launch the eraser application you can see a task has been created to delete and it states the deletion was completed but the file still remains.