Eraser on Schedule


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Hi Guys - My question relates to when I set Eraser to wipe free space on a schedule?

Does erase keep a record of sectors erased. In other words, after the 1st pass, does the 2nd pass only erase sections of the HDD that have been "written to" by the OS with files etc or does it do the entire freespace again?
No, Eraser doesn't work that way at all. It simply fills all the unused space with randomly named files, the contents of which vary according to the erasing method chosen. When the disk is full, all the free space has been overwritten/wiped, and the files are deleted to free up the space. The unused entries in the file table are then also overwritten. Eraser does not log this activity in detail; there would be no point.

If you use a file recovery program on your drive after you use the free space erase, it may discover all the deleted erasing files, but any previously deleted files that have been overwritten by Eraser will not be discoverable.

I hope this explains things,

Thanks. That does address my question.

In our testing of were noted at how busy the drive was. We then scpeculated that perhaps the 1st scheduled event does the entire area marked as "Free Space" on the drive and subsequent scheduled wipes of the drive did only those areas that had changed since the 1st event.

Just wnting to make sure I understand how the product works in this regard.

Many thanks for the swift reply.
If you are testing the program in depth, you may wish to know that the source code can be downloaded from SourceForge.