Eraser on SD card results in system problems


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I have been using Eraser for a while on my hard disk, without any problem. I had just purchased a new 1GB Kingston SD card, and I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to wipe the old 256 MB SD card (since it has been used on my Palm also as backup medium, and therefore contains a lot private info).

I had my 256MB card in my multi card reader and did an unused space wipe, on standard settings. It made it halfway and then my systeem rebooted. I (think I) finished it on my laptop with internal SD card reader. The multi-card reader does not seem to work any more. Card seems fine.

I had also just bought a small SD card reader which I used from that moment on, untill the day before yesterday. I had mistakenly copied about 40 scanned documents (+/- 2MB each) straight to my SD card, and wanted to securely delete them by using Eraser, standard settings (32 passes?). Halfway the system froze, and when resetting the system rebooted when arriving at the windows logon screen. Turned it off, and restarted fine. The following morning however it kept rebooting untill I removed all USB, and I also cleaned out the thing.

I am somewhat hesitant to retry any of this. I copied all my files to a new USB harddisk connected not to this PC but to another, via network.

It seems Eraser caused this problem, but why?
Do I have a USB problem?
Is there something specific about SD cards?
When I connect my new HD, is it likely I will get problems when using Eraser on that? Or when copy-ing lots of files?

I have re-installed my USB drivers (onboard USB, Gigabyte GA 7VAXP), same version though.

System: AMD XP 2000 / 768 MB / 120GB HD
OS: Windows XP SP1

Hope anyone can answer (some of) my questions!