Eraser on Windows ME machine


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I am trying to give away a Dell Inspiron 7000.

I downloaded most recent build of Erase on a flash drive on my current PC as the Dell has no wireless card.

When I opened the .exe file I was told it wanted a more recent version of windows.

Is there a way to use Erase on a windows ME machine?

Sorry if this is old topic, but when i searched the forum "windows me" produced no results as they are too common search terms. :)
If you have the disk to reinstall the OS, it would really be better to use DBAN to make sure nothing sensitive gets left in the registry or other hidden places...

If that's not an option, though, I guess Eraser is probably the next best thing. Unfortunately, Eraser 6 requires .NET 3.5, which MS never ported to Windows ME, so that's not going to work. I used to use a version of Eraser 5.8.x on Windows ME, but IIRC, the later updates to the 5.8 line refuse to install on anything before XP (or 2000?). The older versions that did work aren't available anymore as far as I can tell.

That leaves Eraser 5.7, from 2003, as the last option. It does support Windows 98/ME and is still available. You can find it here: ... r%205/5.7/
Thanks, xx521xx. I think your advice is exactly right!